How to use the online stopwatch

The online stopwatch counts the time to the millisecond that passes after you click the "Start" button. It allows you to add laps. If you close the stopwatch, the value and laps will be automatically saved. If the period is sufficiently large, the number of days passed will be displayed, too.

You can configure the accuracy for displaying fractions of a second in the stopwatch settings.

Click the "Start" or "Stop" buttons to start or stop the stopwatch. Click the "Lap" button to add one lap and the current stopwatch value to the lap list. To reset laps and the stopwatch value, click the "Reset" button (the button appears when the stopwatch is stopped).

You can configure the stopwatch appearance (text color, type, and size), and these settings will be saved; they will be used when you open your web browser next time.

You can add links to online stopwatches with various time values and lap lists to your browser's Favorites.